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मायरिस्टिक ऍसिड 99%

Myristic Acid 99%
मायरिस्टिक ऍसिड 99%
किंमत आणि प्रमाण
  • मेट्रिक टन
  • 1
  • मेट्रिक टन
उत्पादन तपशील
  • 29159090
  • जैविक ऍसिड
  • 99%
  • it is used in Soaps, Surfactants, Personal Care Products, etc
  • Beads and Flakes form
  • Slightly soluble in water
    उत्पादन वर्णन
    We are highly engaged in providing our patrons an effective range of Myristic Acid 99%. This acid is formulated under the guidance of vendor' diligent professionals by utilizing premium quality chemical compounds, thereby it is highly demand in all across the global markets. Our provided acid is good for the skin and is used in cosmetic and other medical preparations. Processed in the most hygienic environment under the supervision of our skilled professionals, the offered product is available in most suitable packaging options as per clients' requirements at reasonable prices.

    Myristic Acid 99% Features:

    • Purity
    • High effectiveness
    • Non-toxic nature
    • Long shelf life

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. What are the benefits of myristic acid on skin care?

    Ans: It effectively cleanses dirt and impurities.

    2. What is the application of myristic acid?

    Ans: It has a wide range of uses in various industries and manufacturing processes. You can find it in foods and beverages, in which it is used as a flow agent and emulsifier. It is a surfactant in soaps, detergents and textiles, as well as an intermediate, internal or external lubricant in plastics.

    3. Is myristic acid soluble in water?

    Ans: It is very slightly soluble in water.

    व्यापार माहिती
    • Any Malaysia/Indonesia/Thailand ports
    • क्रेडिट पत्र (एल/सी) दृष्टीने क्रेडिट पत्र (दृष्टी एल/सी) टेलिग्राफिक हस्तांतरण (टी/टी)
    • प्रति महिना
    • महिने
    • Yes
    • आमच्या नमुना धोरणासंबंधी माहितीसाठी आमच्या
    • packed in 25kg bags without pallets.
    • मध्य पूर्व आशिया आफ्रिका
    • संपूर्ण भारत
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